Läs om Christinas styling inför premiären av The Voice | MYSELF AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA



Läs om Christinas styling inför premiären av The Voice


Stylist Simone Harouche: “Christina is in a great place in her life and is looking great. She’s been gravitating towards less provocative silhouettes,” Harouche tells PEOPLE of picks like Aguilera’s fit-and-flare Parker dress, worn with a Versace belt and Louboutins. “While still wanting to keep it feminine and sexy, her outfit choices lately are leaving more to the imagination.”

That means higher necklines, more flowy skirts and “playful” ensembles, Harouche says. “Clothes reflect where you are at mentally sometimes. I think Christina’s in a happy place and that is reflected in her clothing choices.”

Hairstylist David Babaii: “We wanted to keep it really natural,” Babaii says of his collaboration with Aguilera. “It’s really easy, chic, Bohemian, soft. I think it’s just a California, summer vibe.” 

Babaii used his own beach spray to rough up Aguilera’s dry hair, then curled it with a large-barrel curling iron and finished by working powder through her roots for more texture. And though it was simple, it paid off: “I get tweets from her fans requesting stuff. But I’ve never had 2,000 Facebook messages praising me,” he says. “And I’m like, all I did was use a curling iron!”

Makeup Artist Mary Phillips: “She said she didn’t want anything crazy, just to feel glow-y and pretty,” Phillips said. “I was just going for something beautiful, blond bombshell-y and sun-kissed.”





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