Intervjun med Billboard

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Del 1:

2:56 – Christina recalls making her TV debut on “Star Search”: “Ed McMahon couldn’t say my name right… ‘A-gu-wer-a.’ It was terrible!” 

4:05 – Christina reflects on her “Mickey Mouse Club” experience and how starring alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling helped her feel like less of an “outcast.” 

5:38 – Christina remembers when A&R rep Ron Fair gave her a big hit on the “Mulan” soundtrack: “[Ron’s] still a dear friend of mine to this day. Our kids go to the same pre-school.” 

9:48 – Christina mulls her acting future, and discusses why she felt “confined” by her role in “Burlesque” 

12:46 – Christina dishes on working with Cher: “We talked about relationships a lot.” 

15:05 – Christina on blocking out tabloid rumors: “I really, truly don’t have time for the static noise. It’s trash.”

Del 2:

1:22 – Christina discusses why the Voice takes it “back to real music” and allows her to support talent rather than bash it. 

4:00 – Christina breaks down her new album: “It’s a celebratory time in my life [ and] ‘Lotus’ had allowed me to express that.” 

6:22 – Christina talks about the competition:”I haven’t seen a full episode of any other music show.” 

6:33 – Christina on Simon Cowell being a “dick” to contestants: “That’s not what music’s about. [It] makes me sad.” 

8:23 – Christina reveals which ‘Voice’ judge has become her “big bro.” 

10:00 – Christina on picking her collaborators: “I stray away from formulaic, the formatted … ‘who’s the hitmaker of the moment? Let’s go there!'” 

12:35 – Christina on crafting her vision for each album: “I think something amazing can be birthed whenever you’re just open to the experience … of creating something new and wonderful.” 

14:00 – Christina on working with Sia: “It’s inspiring to be around real creative energy.” 

16:35 – Christina reminisces about hearing “Beautiful” for the first time. 

18:55 – Christina recalls vocal advice from Linda Perry: “Don’t do all that Mariah shit.” 

20:00 – Christina on social media: “When I first came out there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook. And the blogs! Like, what is that?” 

23:52 – Christina discusses her new album: ‘Lotus’ [embraces] the woman that I’ve become and … helped me appreciate the journey of the last decade.”

Del 3:

1:25 – Christina discusses when it’s right to let others steer the creative wheel and knowing when “some things aren’t going to happen.” 

4:10 – Christina talks about working with female writers/ producers and reflects on Linda Perry: “She can be a very intense energy.” 

5:35 – Christina on women in the studio: “People don’t always want to have females as leaders … but you have to hold your own.”




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  1. kija

    hehe jaaa faktiskt blev själv chockad…plus att hon svärde lite haha ovanligt men men braaa så ska det vara!! 🙂


    Kija: Jag håller helt med dig! Jag blev nästan lite chockad när jag lyssnade på intervjun hur mycket hon faktiskt öppnar upp och bjuder på sig själv här. Christina upprepar ofta saker i alla intervjuer och håller sig till sina bestämda ramar över hur mycket hon vill säga och inte. Men den här intervjun kändes genuin och hon kändes verkligen engagerad och hon ville verkligen prata och berätta! 🙂 Riktigt bra intervju!