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Christina skickade uppmuntrande ord till Harper, 11 år


Harper Gruzins, 11, has been through a lot since she stood up in front of thousands of people at an FC Dallas game to sing the National Anthem. The song did not go well. And when the video got out on the internet the reaction wasn’t to kind.

People on the posts have been quite rude to the 11-year-old in the comments of the video. Some people actually calling for harm to be done to her.

Well, Harper came in and talked to Gene & Julie this morning and wanted to show what kind of singer she can be.

Along with singing on the show with Gene & Julie and talking about how she has dealt with all the criticism, Harper received a note from on of her heroes.

Christina Aguilera sent a little note to be passed on to the aspiring songstress.

“Harper, you had the courage to sing in front of thousands of people and I applaud you,” Aguilera said. “Keep your head up high and keep trying. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Harper is not going to stop singing. She will continue on her dream and keep her head up. Just like Christina said



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