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Christina berättar om “Red Sin”


How is Red Sin Different than your other scents?

I’m excited because we’re incorporating my favorite color, red.   It has always been my favorite — it is my go to lipstick color, and as you can see in my house there are accents everywhere.

What is it about the color that you love?

Different shades of red can take you into different moods.  If it is bold and bright, it can give you that sensation, it can be fun, poppy, colorful, and playful. Or it can be a darker shade of red and give you a little more mystery, exude a darker mood. For me, red can alter your mood in the same way a fragrance can.

Is that why you chose red apples as a signature note in the scent?

The story with using red apple is that it ties in with temptation.  Temptation has always been something in fairy tales and stories through history which can be seductive, alluring, and enticing.

How do you want women to feel when they wear Red Sin?

I want women to feel empowered when they wear it.  The scent is boldly sexy.  I want women to be unafraid to feel a little mysterious, with a little sin involved.  Red Sin is for the woman that embraces herself and her confidence, and has no problem exuding that. It can also help the women who need a little jumpstart in feeling sexy, who are maybe a little timid or shy.

Does your new man like you to smell a certain way?

(laughs) Yes, he goes through different moods, so depending on his moods he wants to smell different things, but I’m the boss. Scent can go a long way. It can alter your mood and the mood of others.

The ad campaign is super sexy.  Tell us about that process. 

The commercial was shot in my bedroom.  It was very real — I put on fragrance before I go to bed and get under the covers.  Scent is a really important thing to me; it sort of relaxes me and makes me feel sexy, feel seduced and hopefully have seductive dreams.  I wanted to invite people into this fantasy world, I wanted it to be kind of this seductive, sensual story telling. Simply shot in black and white, but then turns into this statement of red



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